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PRODUCTS » Our Greenhouse Systems

Serasan Agriculture and Engineering has developed the long-standing experience in the field of agricultural projects and achieved a wide product range on Greenhouse Systems. With its use of high technology, it produces greenhouses that can suit to all kinds of climate and geographical conditions and can provide the most favorable conditions for production.

From our wide range of ventilation options, you have the opportunity to choose the air conditioning solution most appropriate to your region and the product you are going to grow.

The Serasan greenhouse systems prefer and recommend products that will give you the highest performance and the longest life span.

Gothic Greenhouses

» This gothic type of sera designed by our company is the key to optimum efficiency and product quality of climate control.

» Due to its high volume, the yield per m2 increases because of its stability and easy management.

» It has a ventilation capacity of 4 meters and has a ventilation rate corresponding to 40% of the surface of the greenhouse.

» As it is gothic, it has a steep roof and it provides high resistance against external weather factors and product load.

» They are made with tunnel widths having 8m, 9,6m, 11,2m and 12,8m.

Arc Greenhouses

These greenhouses can be made at 6m, 8m and 9m tunnel widths. The steel components of the structure are strengthened in accordance with the climate of the region.

Tunnel Greenhouses

» The tunnel Greenhouses have light construction steel construction features and are suitable for growing herbaceous plants.

» They are very economical in terms of cost and are preferred in areas with restricted land structure.

» They can be covered with plastic film or a Polycarbon sheet.

» In addition to being used as a single block, they can also be used as adjacent multiblock greenhouses.

Wide Angle Greenhouses

These greenhouses can be made from 18m to 24m widths and the roof angle is around 27 °. Heights vary according to demand.

Ventilation is applied as a one-way or butterfly from above. Manual or motorized systems are also available on request at the side walls.

Venlo Type Glass Greenhouses

Our Glass Greenhouses are designed for excellent climatic conditions with first class galvanized steel infrastructure and aluminum superstructure. The structure is manifactured according to the TS EN 13031-1AE 15 Standards.

Glass Greenhouse Design Criteria
Wind Load: 120 km/hour
Snow Load: 50 kg/m2
Plnat Load: 35 kg/m2
Sling Load: 15 kg/m2
Ventilation: Double sided (%50) or tide

Greenhouse Gauge
Roof Gap: 4.00 * 2 = 8.00 m
Section Gap: 8.00 mt
Column Height: Above 4.00 mt base under gutter
Ridge Height: 5.00 mt

Greenhouse Construct
Outer Column: 60 x 120 x 3 mm reinforced steel special
Middle Column: 60 x 120 x 3 mm reinforced steel special
Wind Connections: To bottom and up - 0.14 mm steel transmission

Foldable and Shading Greenhouses

These sera are foldable and have the maximum ventilation rate and fully automated operation at the desired clearance.

In addition to the shading feature, it can be fully covered in the the rainy and cold weathers.

The construction is completely steel hot-dip galvanized.It is the most suitable greenhouse type for seed breeders and early grown fruit growers.

If the outside is warm enough, the roof is completely opened to meet the plants with unfiltered, direct sunlight and the plant and soil are warmed up.

If the outside is too hot, the roof is closed by 80% - 90% in the middle of the day.

Seedling Greenhouses

Our experiences are very important for the seedling production facilities, which are among our prime greenhouse projects and highlights the quality of our projects. Our projects are designed to enable you to make right productions with all the details that may be needed during projection, installation and seedling production. We offer flexible projects and production as well as capabilities to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Apart from the greenhouse structure and in addition to the seedling growing by Seedle tables and railed irrigation booms, the tidal seedling growing facilities on the table or on the ground are also within our experiences.

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