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Greenhouse Shading and Ventilation Systems

The goal of shading is to reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse by preventing hot sunlight from entering the greenhouse. The shading should only be done when there is too much heat. As the temperature decreases with shading, the amount of light entering the greenhouse is reduced by about 50%.

In addition, at the beginning of the autumn production and at the end of the the spring production, the producer can protect the plant from both harmful rainfall and high greenhouse temperatures by simply opening the sides of the plastic greehouse and leaving the cover at the roof.


» 2-year guarantee.

» 600 Newtons power.

» Produced in European standards and subject to 100% quality control.

» Reducer output cycle is 3/1 minutes.

» The reductor has 4 swithches: 2 for start-stop and 2 for safety. The reducers to be used are of export quality and are TSEK certified.

» The reductor bodies are made of GG22-25 material and has an aesthetic and durable design.

» High-quality dust lip oil seals are used.

» The reductor output shaft is manufactured from 1040-1050 (SAE) quality material and the tolerances for insertion are determined in accordance with the norms.

» In the choice of the bearing and house, longevity and durability was considered.

» In the gears used 8620 (SAE) Quality material. Carbonitriding was made by setting the hardness depth in accordance with the module and 56-58 HRC hardness was set.

» Our gears are blasted before heat treatment. After heat treatment, they are processes through interprofile grinding.

Motor 0,12 kw -15 kw
Cycle 0,3 d/d - 800 d/d
Moment 2,1 Nm - 11.000


The upper ventilation system works with the rack gear system. On both sides of the roof ridge, the swing arms are opened 4m in total through the roof ridge, which are 2m-width and made of 40x30 profiles. The opening system consists of a 34x2.5mm pipe rack and pinion, which is housed in specially designed roller bearings and used as a shaft. It is opened and closed by the push of the window by this system.

A motor will be used for each window and the limit switches are on the motors. The racks to be used are 200 cm hight and they are placed on the shaft with a rack gear in every 2.5 m.

» The swing arms are installed zigzaggy to distribute the force.

» Each opening swing is attached to a single hinge.

» The shaft pipes in the unfolding system have a longer life, since we use roller bearing shafts.


» Air circulation reduces the heating costs.

» Condensation in the constructions can be reduced by using air blowers.

» Livestock comfort and growth rate can be improved by using air blowers.

» The air blower housing is made of corrosion-resistant, pre-coated galvanized steel sheet.

» Each motor is tested separately for 100% quality control.

» The propeller is statically and dynamically balanced.

» The air circulation fan is developed to overcome the layered heat, humidity and stagnant air.

» The unique design of the propeller ensures that the propeller cleans itself and achieves the highest efficiency together with air flow regulators.

» The round housing and air flow regulators are made of hard galvanized steel plate. The 6-blade propeller system is statically and dynamically set for low noise and low vibration levels.


This system opens and closes the curtain system with the pipes installed with 320 cm intervals. The color of the curtain is the spread Alu. It has a stable and flexible structure. It can be easily assembled and resistant to all pesticides including sulphur. The long service and durability of the processed metals are guaranteed thanks to their unique woven structure, stability and high quality. There will be only 1% shrinkage up to 70 C temperature. Especially during the summer months, the temperature inside the greenhouse rises to high levels. For this reason, our curtain system automatically activates by means of sensors to provide a shading system. In winter, it is automatically closed to prevent heat loss.


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