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PRODUCTS » Side Wall Polycarbonate

Side Wall Polycarbonate

The polycarbonate lower bearing is aluminum and supports both polycarbonates from the lower part. The top cover is white PVC diffusion with UV and the edged plastic cover is a demountable system that provides excellent grip and sealing.

It is in the form of one piece layer having 2,10m width and 6m length.

» Easy installation
» Homogeneous light distribution.
» Excellent heat and sound insulation
» Double or single sided UV protection
» Easy formability
» Resistance to different climatic conditions (-40 ° C, + 120 ° C)
» Impact resistance is 200 times more than glass and 8 times more than acrylic plate



» High Impact Resistance
» High Heat Isolation
» B2 / Class 1Y / UL 94 HB fire resistance
» Easy cut and processing during installation
» Chemical Resistance
» Excessively Light
» Working temperature -40 C, +120 C
» Perfect Light permeability
» Resistant to UV lights
» Perfect outer environment resistance
» Cold flexibility
» Sound Isolation
» Resistant to hail
» On site machining

The multi million dollar modern greenhouses prefer polycarbonate plates as the covering material and they are right in this preference.

The advantages of these plates:

» Reduces heating costs by providing greater insulation
» Resistant to heavy winds and extreme weather conditions
» Hail-resistant
» Do not allow animals and rodents.

Thickness: 3W 14-16mm, 4W 8-10mm

Standard Sizes: 2100 × 6000, 2100 × 12000 mm

Colors: Transparent, Opal, White, Bronze, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Opaque Gray, Red

Our traditional 2-wall panels have the highest color options and are the best-selling products in the product range.

Thickness: 4-6-8-10 mm

Standard Sizes 2100 × 6000, 2100 × 12000 mm

Colors: Transparent, Opal, White, Bronze, Blue, Green, Turquoise,Opaque Gray

Serasan has not only supplied polycarbonate plate, aluminum and steel profiles, but also has been involved in many turnkey projects from design to steel construction, side and roof coating since 1994 thanks to its solution partners.



» High impact resistance
» B2 / Class 1Y / UL 94 HB fire resistance
» Excellent outdoor strength
» Cutting with a guillotine
» Suitable for contact with food (non-UV coated platelets)
» Intermittent max. working temperature 140 C
» Working temperature -40C, + 120C
» 88% light transmittance
» Perfect shaping with heat
» Easy processing
» Excellent resistance to concentrated acids and mineral oils
» Max. working temperature 130 C

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