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Plastic Covers

A non-fogging greenhouse film guaranteed for 36 months, having 200-micron thickness, UV+IR+EVA+AD+AP+CR protection, 45% diffusion,high light-transmittance and which is drop-free and resistant to all pesticides including Sulphur

HYPLAST brand…

Clips: Our clips show the best resistance to the worst weather conditions and are designed to facilitate the plastic coating process.

The PVC sections are manufactured to meet NF T 54-4058 construction standards.

In order to increase the wind resistance at the maximum level in the upper cover:

1 - In addition we fix the nylon with 1 pair of clips at 50 meters.
2 - In addition, we divide the fixed part of the window bottom into two.

Going beyond the standard system, in clips used to fix the greenhouse upper nylon, we use a double clip at 50 meters, apart from the single clips.



They can be produced in desired lengths in 1.2-1.5 and 2m widths, with 40 Mech - 50 Mech pores. Our fly net has a 37 years of past in this business. During the opening and closing, the fly net gets open and squeezed among the systems gears and disintegrated over time. In the greenhouse system designed to prevent this, we use tensioning apparatus to keep the fly net strained and not squeezed in the gear.

For this reason, the fly net keeps its strength for a longer time.


- It is called as "ground cover", "mulch" or 'Jute" in the business.

- It is usually produced in black color. It prevents more sunlight to the soil and the growth of the weeds.

- There are green checkered yarns on it. It helps to put pots on a certain order in the nursery.

- It is usually produced at 90 grams / m2.

- They can be produced in heavier and lighter forms on demand.

- They can be produced from 3m to 5.25m in width. It is commonly used in 3m width in the market.

- UV addition Food compatible - Single-sided

- 3 years guarantee.

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