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PRODUCTS » Fertilizer Dosing Units

Fertilizer Dosing Units

» The materials to be used are in European norms and they are guaranteed for 2 years.

» All materials to be used have TSE-ISO and International quality certificates.

» The products to be used are resistant to 10 PN pressure and made of PVC.

Irrigation Program

» Irrigation in accordance with the sunlight intensity, external warning and time
» Control up to 24 valves
» Monitoring ontrolled water quantity
» Separate fertilizer control for each dosing channel
» Up to 5 dosing channels
» Ec-Ph controlled fertilization in accordance with time and amount
» Filter backwash control up to 8 units
» Backwash feature in accordance with the pressure difference
» Cooling control in accordance with the humidity and temperature (optional)
» PC connection
» 1 piece of analogue, 1 piece of digital input card standard
» It is used in systems with 20-100m3 capacities.


The drip irrigation system ensures that the root of the plants is fed with fertilizer through the water press. Our irrigation machines and apparatuses work automatically and feed the plants with fertilizer and minerals with a specific program.

Thanks to the system we have established, we convert the cold water into a warm water and inject it into plant roots.


This system is installed in the soilless agricultural greenhouses with the fasteners for the greenhouse construction up to 80 cm above the floor of the plant beds. The goal is to carry the drainage water at a certain slope to a drainage system at the end of the line after fertilization and irrigation, to create air flow at a distance of 80 cm below the root area of ​​the plant, thereby preserving the root heat and facilitating the labor and cultural processing in the greenhouse.

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