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While the greenhouses are heated in the cold seasons, they have to be cooled during the hot seasons. In cold and cool seasons, high heat accumulation in the greenhouse can be prevented through ventilation. Especially in the southern regions of our country, the air temperature increases after a short heating period, In this period, the temperature in the greenhouse may have a negative effect on plant growth. Especially in the greenhouses cultivated in summer, the temperature of the greenhouse can be 5-10° C higher than the outside temperature due to the effect of sunrays. This may also cause the reduction and stopping of the photosynthesis in plants In other words, the substance that the plant gains through photosynthesis may be less than it loses with respiration. In plants photosynthesis is increasing from 0° C to 20° C. After this temperature, the photosynthesis decreases and at 40'C diminishing photosynthesis appears in potatoes and tomatoes. In warmer months, there is no cooling application in the greenhouses. Only in greenhouses growing ornamental plants, cooling can be applied as long as it is economical.


These are cooling systems mostly used in the greenhouses, seedling greenhouses and growing tropical plants in hot regions

Absorption Capacity 55.800m3/s

Size: 153x153x40 cm 325 dv./min. 1500 w 3 Faz - 380 V

All products related to this system are available and manufactured according to the project.


The system is installed on the northern walls of the greenhouse. Owing to the circulation of water in it and the humidity generated by the exhaust fans, up to 10 degrees of cooling is achieved in the greenhouse.

» Simply, it is a cellulosic paper impregnated with chemical substance which provides wettability and durability.
» Wavy and cross-channel structure expands the surface area, thus easing air contact with water and minimizing air resistance.
» It is preferred in industrial applications. These pads have flammable material characteristics and are an economic option in terms of price

Hygiene and Durability

Stainless steel pan is designed to prevent any water residue after discharge

Minimum water consumption and protection

Against risk of leakage, the water pump has a long service life and high efficiency.

Efficient water consumption

Since the flow meter and the regulating valve are used, water is consumed efficiently.


The required volume of drainage done to prevent minerals from blocking the panel.

With wavy and cross-channel structure, it is designed to provide optimum performance at low pressure.

This material is inorganic and non-flammable and prevents odor formation.

In the same time, these pads contain silver ions at low levels to prevent fungal formation and sediment formation in the water to keep the pads clean and used in comfort applications.

All pads are framed with stainless sheet and are manufactured with the irrigation system installed

Pads can be easily removed and reinstalled in the irrigation unit for service care.

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