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Led Lighting Systems

One of the inputs required for plant growth is luminous energy. Under normal conditions, with natural light from the sun, plants grow and sustain their lives by photosynthesis. Next to the light, sufficient temperature, carbon dioxide (already exists in this air) and water is required for the process of photosynthesis. In order to accelerate the growth of plants, photosynthesis time is extended (plant grows in a short time) or artificial light sources are used in plant production in off-seasons.

The light, which is an electromagnetic wave with a particle structure, is actually a form of energy. With photosynthesis, a part of the carbon cycle, carbon dioxide dissociates as carbon and oxygen. Coming out oxygen is a gas that is vital for the lives of humans and animals.

Especially for artificial habitat for plants, halogen lamps and / or discharge-based sodium lamps were used in previous applications for photosynthesis, after the soil, water and sufficient temperature were provided. But plant and greenhouse lighting systems had to be used differently for each stage of the plant. At the same time, since heat control is very difficult, large and short-lived, this product brought with it many problems. Now, LEDs, one of the most important technologies of the modern world, are beginning to dominate this field. Because it is brighter, stronger, longer lasting, has faster heat transfer and easier angle control, it is the most important proof that this technology is a big necessity in this area. With this technology it will be much easier to protect your environment, your budget and your plants.


» Provides more products in smaller area.
» Operates at low temperatures
» High energy efficiency
» Long service life.
» Enables plant and crop development in a short time thanks to longtime photosynthesis.
» Allows high production capacity.
» Enables indoor area production.
» Removes seasonal dependence.

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