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Agrico cocopeat has been a widespread brand since 1992 providing 100% natural and organic products in the horticulture and greenhouse sectors. "To maintain product quality at highest level it does not keep enough stocks to meet the demand." Delivered on time keeping international standards in Sri Lanka.

Producers using Agrico cocopeat will clearly witness the superiority of Agrico Cocopeat when comparing it with other growing places. It is 100% organic and no chemical ingredient is used during its production. Agrico Cocopeat, which opened a new era in the sector with the application of layer mixing, has elevated the water and air balance required by the plant to the ideal level with minimum labor force. In order to optimize the root spreading and the air required for roots, it is possible to control the growing environment more easily by placing the particles forming the air porosity on the lower layer of the growing environment, placing water holding particles at the upper layer of the growing environment in order to satisfy the water need of the plant at the ideal level. Thus high efficiency and superior quality products are produced.

Chemical and Structural Features

• It consists of 100% organic content.
• It contains 31% of "Lignin".
• It contains 27% of "Cellulose".
• The pH value is in the range of 5.7-6.5.
• EC 180 S/cm
• The cation exchange capacity is very high.
• Carbon-Nitrogen ratio is 104: 1. This indicates the slowness of the decay rate of cocopeat.
• The porosity ratio of cocopeat is 96%.
• It absorbs 8-9 times the water and nutrients of its dry weight and transmits it to the plant as needed.

Why Agrico Cocopeat?

» Agrico knows how much seriousness and prudence required for agriculture and prepares its products accordingly.
» 100% Organic.
» Agrico products are sterile.
» It does not contain harmful organisms, foreign seeds, nematodes, fungi and similar disease agents.
» At every stage of production, humidity, pH, EC control is observed.
» The radioactivity level is far below the levels ​​allowed for food by VDLUFA.
» Agrico has always been with the producer with its wide range of products, high quality and reasonable price policy.
» No chemicals in production process.
» Keeps the plant stable in sudden temperature changes.
» Tolerating cultivation and technical mistakes.
» Accelerates root growth.
» Provide earliness.
» Provides an increase in the annual fertilization rate.
» Provides ideal air and water balance.
» It does not contain soil diseases.
» High cation exchange capacity.
» Increases plant strength against Pythium and other root diseases.
» It provides savings in water and fertilizer usage.
» Recycling is easy. It can get mixed up to the nature.
» It is easy to stock because it is light and environmentally friendly.
» No hard content on the surface.
» There is no lime in it.
» There is no seed or disease in it.
» It has excellent water holding capacity.
» Provides optimal EC and PH levels.
» Guaranteed the highest quality product by blowing, layer mixing, washing with calcium and 50 gauge protection processes applied in cocopeat production.

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